Joining the Lab

  • Prospective graduate students: If you are interested in our research and want to join our lab, please apply through the Mechanical Engineering MS or PhD admissions process of the University of Utah. In your application, you need to select Robotics as your first choice of emphasis area. Although we always look for talents and very much appreciate your interests, open research positions are constrained by the available funding. You therefore are encouraged to apply funding from federal or other agencies. Here is a link to applying NSF graduate research fellowship, for example.
    • Currently, we have Multiple open positions for graduate research assistants. Interested students are welcome to email the principal investigator ( directly to inquire about these opportunities.
  • U of U undergraduate students: We have 1~2 open positions each semester to advise students that are funded by the UROP or SPUR programs at the University of Utah. Interested students should email the principal investigator ( directly to inquire about these opportunities.

Participation in Experiments

The Utah Wearable Robotics Laboratory invites interested individuals to participate in our human studies. A major component of our research is to evaluate novel wearable robots with intended population and to advance scientific understanding about our neuromusculoskeletal system. We routinely advertise any experiments which are open to enrollment on research pages. If you are interested in participating a particular experiment, please contact the lead person of that experiment directly. (You can find the information on the research page.) We sincerely thank you for your time and contribution.