Kin and Zach presented at the Undergraduate Research Synposium

Kin and Zach presented their summer projects at the Undergraduate research symposium. Kin’s project was funded by UROP where he developed a new mechatronic system to control our neck exoskeleton through eye movements (measured by a gaze tracker). This system will help us study human eye-head coordination behaviors and help people with head-neck mobility limitations to regain normal head-neck motions. Zach’s project was funded by the SPUR program. He developed a reconfigurable room for a biomechanical study where researchers were interested in optimizing room designs to reduce the risks of falls among hospital residents. They both have done excellent jobs to achieve their research goals. Congratulations to both!

Zach in front of his poster.

Zach presenting his poster.

Kin explain his project to a visitor.

Kin in front of his poster.

David Demaree graduated from the UWR Lab

On June 23rd, 2023, David successfully defended his Masters’ Thesis titled “A structurally enhanced neck exoskeleton to assist head movement in ALS patients”. He is the first graduate student graduated from the Utah Wearable Robotics Laboratory. Congratulations to David. We are very proud of his achievement and wish him the best for his future endeavors.