Logan Lancaster presented his research at the Capitol Hill!

On 1/18, Logan presented his research at the 2024 Research at the Capitol (ROCH) event at the Utah State Capitol. 25 undergraduate students from the University of Utah and 25 undergraduate students from Utah State University got to present at this event. Logan’s poster was on using OpenSim to model, simulate, and improve gait symmetry in stroke survivors. He got to share his research with students, people visiting the capitol, and even some Utah senators and house representatives.

See more media coverage and information through this link.

UWR Lab kicks off a new workshop series

Because wearable robotics is highly interdisciplinary, there is a great need of acquiring a diverse skillset. To facilitate the need, UWR lab recently started a new workshop series that is aimed to provide learning and training among our students. On Friday 1/12, we kicked off the series where Ian taught us about inertial measurement units (IMU) and how to write Arduino programs to use an off-the-shelf IMU.